Phone 4 Energy


Discover a Hidden Source of FREE Energy From Your Landline Phone. Phone 4 Energy is a digital book that shows you how to use free electricity from your existing telephone line. Written in laymen’s terms, this is the complete solution for the ever increasing number of people wanting to save on their electricity bills.



Energy from Your Phone – A Cheap Source of Electricity?

Every day more and more people complain about the huge amount of money they have to spend on electricity bills. High consumption of energy is a fact in all households and it is due mainly to the large numbers of electrical appliances we all have, ones which use electrical power to work. Yet, if we were to stop using them, it can significantly decrease the comfort which they provide and make our lives quite miserable. Thus, for many is a situation of choosing between their money and the electrical appliances which make our lives so good. If you are in the same situation, then you should know that there is no need to choose between them, when you can have them both.

As unbelievable as this may seem, there is a possibility of saving money from your electricity bill and still having all the comfort you need by using the appliances the make your life worth living. This can be done by taking advantage of a great opportunity that very few people know about: extracting power from your phone line. The phone company introduces power through the phone lines for proper connections between people who are using this service. This energy is already included in your phone bill, so there will be no extra charges for you, while you will benefit from a cheap source of energy.

You can use this type of energy for powering almost all the appliances in your house without it being necessary to plug them in the power outlet. This means that once you have gathered enough electricity from the phone line, you will have a certain independence from the electricity provider, a fact that will enable you to save more on your electricity bill. You will even have power during an outage, when all your neighbors – the ones who do not know about this – will not have.

Gathering power from the phone line is a simple procedure and with little guidance everyone can build their own system that will save them hundreds, even thousands of dollars each and every year. With such an amount of money saved without sacrificing your comfort, you will be able to live life to the fullest without worrying about the next electricity bill!