Energy 2 Green – Build Your Own Solar and Wind Power System


Step-by-Step instructions to build fully functional solar panels and windmills.



Are you tired of paying too much for energy? How would you like to build your own power plant, and instead of sending the power company a check each month, they’ll send you one? It’s true! Power companies are required to purchase any electricity you generate that is beyond what you can use.

With the Energy 2 Green system, we’ll show you how to create your own green power plant for as little as $200! Our easy-to-follow manuals and video instructions can show you how easy it is to build your own windmills and solar panels using simple, readily available materials. Order the Energy 2 Green Manual today and get off the grid for good!

Detailed Schematics and Diagrams Showing You Precisely How To Build Your Solar Panels (generates up to 200-watts each) or Windmill. Including the Precise Measurements You Need For Optimum Performance. Installation Instructions To Hook the Solar Panel or Windmill Up To Your Home.