No Excuses Body Makeover Membership


Teaches you how to realize your fat loss goals one meal at a time. Reveals the real reason that getting into shape is near impossible for most of us – and shows you how to reshape your body, reclaim your health, and take back the life you deserve.



The No Excuses Body Makeover is a comprehensive membership program designed to help individuals reshape their bodies, reclaim their health, and enjoy a renewed sense of well-being by overcoming the common excuses that hinder fitness progress.

Who created the No Excuses Body Makeover program?

Carolyn Hansen, a certified fitness instructor, former bodybuilder title-holder, and personal fitness coach with over 30 years of experience in the fitness profession, created the No Excuses Body Makeover program.

What can I expect from the No Excuses Body Makeover program?

Members will discover how to master both their mind and body to achieve an enviable state of health, including fat loss strategies, access to all of Carolyn Hansen’s fitness products, motivational emails for six months, and a unique approach to achieving optimal health without dieting.

How does the No Excuses Body Makeover program work?

The program is built from scratch to cover every aspect of a successful and long-term fat loss plan. It includes scheduled emails, special reports, and access to Carolyn Hansen’s best fitness products to help members implement a sustainable plan for exercising and healthy eating.

Is the No Excuses Body Makeover program suitable for me?

If your goal is to change your body shape, gain a renewed sense of well-being, and are ready to push away the excuses compromising your health, then the No Excuses Body Makeover program is designed for you, regardless of your age or gender.

How can I start with the No Excuses Body Makeover program?

You can start with a trial membership for $4.95, giving you 7 days of access to the program. If you decide to continue, the membership will be billed monthly at $27. The program aims to provide a risk-free opportunity to explore a unique approach to fat loss and health improvement.

Body Makeover Membership Card

What are some success stories from the No Excuses Body Makeover program?

Members like John & Paula Kearney and Molly Davis have experienced significant weight loss and improved fitness by following the program. Success stories include losing excess weight, passing fitness exams, and gaining motivation and energy for daily activities.

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