Magnetic Laundry System


Wash Your Clothes Without Using A Single Drop Of Toxic Chemical Detergent



What is the Magnetic Laundry System?
It is a revolutionary, double-patented technology that allows you to wash your clothes without using a single drop of toxic chemical detergent. It claims to clean as well as traditional detergents and lasts a lifetime with a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What is the main concern about laundry detergents according to the website?
The website highlights that laundry detergents often contain cancer-causing chemicals that are not legally required to be listed on labels. These chemicals can build up in your skin and may cause serious health problems like asthma, allergies, and cancer.

How can the Magnetic Laundry System benefit users?
The Magnetic Laundry System offers a way to wash clothes without using toxic laundry detergents. It claims to save money, improve health by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals, and provide softer, cleaner clothes while also being environmentally friendly.

What are the findings of the University of Washington’s study on laundry detergents?
The study found that 99% of laundry detergents release cancer-causing chemicals that are legally hazardous and toxic by the EPA standards. Most of these chemicals are not listed on the product labels.

The Magnetic Laundry System

Can the Magnetic Laundry System be used in all types of washing machines?
Yes, it works on both front and top-loading washers and is completely safe in both. For front loaders, it’s recommended to place the units in the pockets of a pair of pants or thick socks to reduce noise during the cycle.

Does the Magnetic Laundry System need to be replaced?
No, the Magnetic Laundry System is designed to last almost a lifetime with a manufacturer’s warranty of 50 years, potentially saving thousands of dollars over time compared to regular detergent use.

How does the Magnetic Laundry System work?
The system uses specially designed magnets to change the surface tension of water, making it more effective at cleaning clothes. This process is similar to the action of detergents but without the use of harmful chemicals.

Can bleach or other chemicals be used with the Magnetic Laundry System?
Yes, you can still use bleach or other chemicals if desired. However, alternatives like oxygen bleach, diluted hydrogen peroxide, or borax are recommended for a less toxic option.

Will clothes have a scent after using the Magnetic Laundry System?
No, clothes washed with the Magnetic Laundry System will not have a scent, as clean clothes naturally smell like nothing. For those who prefer scented clothes, adding essential oils is suggested as a natural alternative.

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