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Who is Jestine Yong?
Jestine Yong is a professional electronics repairer and instructor with years of experience. Starting his electronics repair course in 1987 and working in the field since 1991, he has set up his own technical training center to train students interested in electronics repair.

The Electronic Repair Guides come in 3 different ebooks.

1. Basic Electronics Troubleshooting & Repair Guide

Basic Electronics eBook

What does the eBook offer?
The eBook is designed for beginners, hobbyists, technical college/university students, and even seasoned electronic repairers. It provides step-by-step instructions on testing and repairing electronic components, complete with full-color photos to guide readers through the process.

The following bonuses come with this eBook:

Basic Electronics Bonuses

Do I need a certificate, diploma, or degree in electronic engineering to start troubleshooting and repair electronics equipment?
No, the eBook emphasizes that no formal qualification in electronic engineering is required to start troubleshooting and repairing electronics equipment. The methods taught are simple and accessible to everyone.

What are some of the key skills and knowledge I can gain from this eBook?
Readers can learn how to use both analogue and digital multimeters professionally, understand electronic component codes, perform voltage testing on voltage regulator ICs, and much more. The eBook covers a wide range of electronic components and testing techniques.

Can this eBook help me professionally?
Yes, the knowledge and skills acquired from this eBook can help readers build electronic project kits, troubleshoot, test, and repair electronic circuits or equipment, potentially leading to promotions, new job opportunities, or even starting their own repair shop.

What is the cost of the eBook, and are there any bonuses included?
The eBook is priced at $29.95, reduced from the original price of $49.95. Purchasers can also receive various bonuses, including free reports, additional troubleshooting tips, and personal technical support through WhatsApp and Signal App for up to 3 months.

2. How To Find Burnt Resistor Value

Resistor Values

What is the main challenge with burnt resistors in electronic repairs?
One of the most common challenges in electronic repairs is encountering a resistor that has burnt to the extent that its color band is unrecognizable, making it difficult to measure its value.

Who will benefit from the “How To Find Burnt Resistor Value” eBook?
This eBook is beneficial for electronic repairers, hobbyists, technical college/university students, and anyone interested in electronics repair, especially those who frequently face challenges with identifying the values of burnt resistors.

Can I find the value of a burnt resistor without a schematic diagram?
Yes, the eBook presents a method to determine the value of a burnt resistor without the need for a schematic diagram, parts list, or expensive testing equipment, making the process accessible even to novices.

What makes the method in the eBook safe and effective?
The method described in the eBook is safe, tried, and tested, requiring no modification or board cutting. It has been proven effective on various electronic equipment, including monitors, televisions, and power supplies.

Is there really a secret to finding the value of a burnt resistor?
Yes, the eBook reveals a proven method that the author, Jestine Yong, has successfully used to identify the values of burnt resistors, saving time and money on repairs considered “beyond repair.”

What do I get with my purchase of the eBook?
With your purchase, you receive step-by-step instructions aided by photos and diagrams on how to determine the value of a burnt resistor, tips on using basic tools for electronic repair, and strategies to increase your efficiency and confidence in electronic troubleshooting.

Are there any bonuses included with the eBook?
Yes, the eBook comes with several bonuses, including guides on electronic servicing success, finding shorted components in mainboards, brightening dim picture tubes, testing flyback transformers, and personalized email support from Jestine Yong for any repair questions.

What is the cost of the eBook, and is there a satisfaction guarantee?
The eBook is priced at $24.00, and it comes with a 56-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the information or it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request a full refund within this period.

3. My Best Collection Of Electronics Repair Articles

Electronics Repair Articles eBook

What can I learn from the Electronics Repair Articles eBook?
The eBook covers a wide range of topics beneficial to electronic repairers, including troubleshooting methods, understanding specific components like CRT monitor flyback transformers, and techniques to avoid common mistakes in the repair field.

Are these repair techniques easy to follow?
Yes, most of the repair techniques presented in the eBook are quite easy to follow and understand, designed to shortcut the learning curve for electronic repairers.

What topics are covered in the eBook?
The eBook includes topics such as diagnosing problems in electronic circuits, using comparison methods to solve problems, understanding internal components like the CRT monitor flyback transformer, and much more.

How much does the eBook cost?
The eBook is priced at $18, which breaks down to just 75 cents per article. This cost is considered minimal for the lifetime knowledge and skills gained in electronics troubleshooting and repair.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?
Yes, all three eBooks come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the content or it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request a full refund within this period.

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