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Win more matches, enjoy your tennis game much more, and experience less stress on tennis courts.

What is the goal of the ebooks offered by Tennis Mind Game?
The ebooks aim to help players win more matches, enjoy their tennis game much more, and experience less stress on tennis courts by improving their game and mental toughness.

How can these ebooks improve my tennis game?
While practice and improving strokes are irreplaceable, incorporating tennis strategy and mental tips learned off-court can drastically change your game by applying new strategies, thinking in new ways, or knowing how to deal with stressful situations during a match.

What formats are the ebooks available in?
The ebooks are available in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format and can be downloaded immediately after purchase.

What is the Tennis Strategy Encyclopedia?
It is an ebook that teaches players how to quickly improve their tennis by playing a smarter tactical game, highlighting that smarter play is what separates champions from average tennis players. It is priced at $27.

What does the Mental Manual for Tennis Winners cover?
This ebook focuses on mastering your mind in the most difficult situations in a tennis match and starts winning even against your toughest rivals. It shares secrets used by tennis winners to improve their game and is available for $19.

Is there a special offer for purchasing both ebooks?
Yes, ordering both the Tennis Strategy Encyclopedia and Mental Manual for Tennis Winners together is offered at a special price of $37, down from $46. This combo provides a complete blueprint for strategic smart tennis play and overcoming mentally challenging situations.

Are there any bonuses included with the purchase?
Yes, additional bonuses include receiving 5 email answers about anything related to tennis—technique, mental toughness, fitness, or strategy, which is a $40 value. You will also receive all downloadable bonuses from both ebooks.

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