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Transform your ukulele skills with just 21 minutes a week through engaging play-along videos and comprehensive lessons for beginners. Fulfill your dream of playing the ukulele and learn its favorite songs.


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Have you ever wondered why mastering the ukulele seems like a mountain too steep for some? What if there was a method, a shortcut to the summit, that could transform your musical journey from a weary hike into a joyful ascent? It turns out, the answer lies in a technique known as Deliberate Practice, an approach that these video lessons are centered around to turn your musical struggles into triumphs, simply and systematically.

A complete beginner’s guide with 10 hours of video instructions. You’ll master all the easy must-know chords for playing your favorite songs. You’ll also discover the tricks for moving from one chord to another, effortlessly and smoothly.

What is the format of the Ukulele Buddy lessons? A: The Ukulele Buddy lessons are 100% video-based. The course is designed to enable students to play their favorite songs by following three 7-minute videos each week.

Is the Ukulele Buddy course suitable for beginners?
Yes, the course is specifically designed for beginners and non-musicians. It focuses on making learning easy and fun, with a play-along format that encourages good practice habits.

How long does it take to learn a song with Ukulele Buddy?
According to the course description, you can learn your first song in just one week by following the video lessons.

What will I learn in the Ukulele Buddy course?
The course covers a variety of topics, including chords, strumming secrets, rhythm, and different music styles like pop, rock, blues, and more. It also includes lessons on playing songs by ear and using simplified ukulele tabs.

Are there any additional resources provided with the course?
Yes, the course includes several bonuses, such as digital booklets on chords and strumming patterns, song e-books, a complete chord chart, a metronome, and a learning checklist.

What is the total duration of the video lessons in the course?
The complete beginner’s ukulele course provides over 10 hours of video instruction.

Can the lessons be accessed immediately after purchase?
Yes, you get immediate online access to all the video lessons and digital songbooks upon completing your order.

Is there a refund policy for the Ukulele Buddy lessons?
The course offers a full one-year money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you can request a refund within 365 days of purchase.

Are the lessons applicable to all sizes of ukuleles?
Yes, the lessons are suitable for all the different sizes of ukuleles.

Can I take private lessons with the instructors of Ukulele Buddy?
Private lessons are available with the instructors, but they are separate from the online course and have a different cost structure.

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