The Paranormal Log & Analysis Notebook


Track Paranormal Investigations, Manage Evidence, Print Complete Reports



This Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting Software is designed to easily track your entire investigation, manage evidence, print full reports, and neatly store your findings for quick and easy access for future reference.

What is “The PLAN”?
“The PLAN” is a Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting Software designed to track an entire investigation, manage evidence, and print full reports. It organizes findings, EVPs, photos, and generates professional-looking reports.

Who created “The PLAN”?
Dennis A. Batchelor, a paranormal investigator with over 30 years of experience and the founder of his own investigative team, developed “The PLAN”.

What features does “The PLAN” offer?
The software includes tools for storing team member profiles, equipment inventory, types of paranormal activity, EVP recordings, photos, and custom logos, and it provides email functionality to contact team members easily. It also features customizable settings, password protection, and video-supported help pages.

How can “The PLAN” benefit paranormal investigators?
“The PLAN” helps investigators keep track of their equipment, store investigation data safely, manage team member information, and streamline communication within the team. It also simplifies the process of creating professional and comprehensive investigation reports for clients.

Is “The PLAN” easy to use?
Yes, “The PLAN” is designed to be user-friendly and includes step-by-step video tutorials to help users quickly learn how to utilize all its features effectively.

Can “The PLAN” store EVPs and photos?
Yes, the software allows users to import EVP recordings and photos to include in their investigation reports, making evidence management more organized and accessible.

Does “The PLAN” include any additional features?
In addition to its core functionalities, “The PLAN” also offers bonus features like a White Noise MP3 recording to aid in EVP sessions and access to Google Maps for direction to investigation sites.

How can I purchase “The PLAN”?
“The PLAN” can be purchased directly from the Simply Ghost website for $19.95, offering a comprehensive solution for paranormal investigators at an affordable price.

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