The Complete Driving Fear Program


Overcome your fear of driving with the original driving fear program.




Your driving anxiety doesn’t need to build limits around your life. Learn how your fear of driving works, where its power comes from, and how you can END the cycle and take your freedom back.

What is the Driving Fear Program? The Driving Fear Program is a comprehensive system designed to help individuals overcome anxiety and fear associated with driving.

Who created the Driving Fear Program? The program was created by Rich Presta and Dr. Cheryl Lane.

How does the program work? The program utilizes a step-by-step approach that includes cognitive-behavioral techniques, exposure therapy, and relaxation methods to retrain the brain and reduce anxiety while driving.

What is included in the program? The program includes a manual, audio edition, video series, and additional audio sessions specifically targeting common driving fears.

Who can benefit from the Driving Fear Program? Anyone experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, or fear while driving, especially those who avoid highways, bridges, or driving alone, can benefit from the program.

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