The Art Of Covert Hypnosis


You are about to learn the easy-to-master secrets to hypnotizing anyone, anywhere, at any time for whatever reason you desire.




Covert Hypnosis is a powerful form of hypnosis that’s banned from use by advertising agencies, in business, and on most radio and TV stations. It allows for the hypnotizing of someone without their knowledge, offering advanced and secretive techniques more powerful than mainstream hypnosis.

Who is Steven Peliari? Steven Peliari is a Master Hypnotist who shares his expertise in Covert Hypnosis. After being inspired by a Las Vegas hypnotist’s demonstration, he dedicated himself to mastering and teaching covert hypnosis techniques.

What inspired Steven Peliari to learn Covert Hypnosis? A Las Vegas show where a hypnotist hypnotized volunteers without their awareness sparked Steven Peliari’s interest in Covert Hypnosis. This demonstration led him to pursue an in-depth understanding and mastery of covert hypnotic techniques.

What can Covert Hypnosis do? Covert Hypnosis can make people instantly attracted to you, inspire people to join your cause, turn clients into eager buyers, allow you to detect lies, and lets you hypnotize people without them ever knowing you did.

What does the “Art Of Covert Hypnosis” include? The “Art Of Covert Hypnosis” is a comprehensive package teaching Covert Hypnosis. It combines Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and Mentalism to create a discreet form of hypnosis, covering the fundamentals of each and how they interconnect to influence people without their awareness.

The Art Of Covert Hypnosis eBook

What are the possibilities with Covert Hypnosis? With Covert Hypnosis, you can persuade and influence people in various situations, from making friends and seducing partners to negotiating discounts and inspiring loyalty. It teaches techniques for inducing euphoric states, creating false realities, and effectively using suggestion and authority.

How is Covert Hypnosis different from mainstream hypnosis? Covert Hypnosis goes beyond the entertainment aspect of mainstream hypnosis, offering techniques for discreetly influencing people’s thoughts and actions without their knowledge. It’s more advanced and encompasses techniques not taught in conventional hypnosis seminars.

Is it legal to use Covert Hypnosis? While it’s not illegal to learn and use Covert Hypnosis techniques on individuals, using them on groups larger than 1,000 might require legal consultation due to potential immense repercussions.

What makes “The Art Of Covert Hypnosis” unique? This program is unique because it offers an in-depth exploration of Covert Hypnosis, combining three critical fields (Hypnosis, NLP, and Mentalism) and providing practical exercises and advanced techniques not found in other courses or seminars.

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