The 21 Day Midas Touch Challenge


You can have both WEALTH and RELATIONSHIPS, when you become an irresistible magnet for every single blessing in life.



The Midas Touch is a powerful 3-minute tool designed to attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity, helping individuals dramatically improve their financial situations.

Who created the Midas Touch?

The Midas Touch was developed by Kirstin West, the right-hand woman of Marisa Peer, who is recognized as the world’s number-one hypnotherapist.

What can I discover on the Midas Touch page?

Visitors will learn the secret to manifesting cash-on-demand, why they are destined for financial freedom, and the hidden movement that helps families achieve happiness and overcome negative thoughts.

What results have users achieved with the Midas Touch?

Users have turned their fortunes around, overcoming financial uncertainty without needing a trust fund, special advantages, or remarkable skills.

Who has Marisa Peer worked with?

Marisa Peer has worked with British royalty, celebrities, and champion athletes, among others, and has been featured in publications like Tatler, Men’s Health, and the Daily Express.

How does the Midas Touch work?

It starts with activating a secret that unleashes abundance in all aspects of life, rooted in the belief that everything needed for abundance is already within.

Is financial freedom possible for everyone?

Yes, the Midas Touch advocates that financial freedom and overflowing abundance are possible for everyone, regardless of their current circumstances or capital.

How does the Midas Touch aim to break the cycle of financial distress?

By using a 3-minute tool that flips a switch in the mind, enabling individuals to attract prosperity and overcome the “Broke Barrier.”