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Be free of the hold cigarettes have on you and stop smoking with this ultimate EFT program


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Smoke Free in One Hour is a program designed to help individuals quit smoking permanently through a one-hour hypnotherapy session that can be downloaded and used at home.

Who created Smoke Free in One Hour? The program was created by Joan Chionilos, a hypnotherapist with over 18 years of experience, certified by the National Guild of Hypnotherapists.

How does Smoke Free in One Hour work? The program utilizes a special recording of a hypnosis session that aims to eliminate cigarette cravings while increasing willpower, helping individuals to quit smoking quickly and permanently.

What makes Smoke Free in One Hour unique? It offers the same effective hypnosis session used in Joan Chionilos’s office practice, available online at a fraction of the price, designed specifically for quitting smoking.

Is there a guarantee? The text does not explicitly mention a money-back guarantee, but it emphasizes the effectiveness of the method for quitting smoking.

How much does Smoke Free in One Hour cost? The program is priced at $27, making it accessible to those who need help quitting smoking.

Who can benefit from Smoke Free in One Hour? Anyone with a desire to quit smoking, regardless of how long they have smoked or how many times they have tried to quit in the past, can benefit from this program.

Quit smoking cigarettes with the help of EFT. Release the hold that smoking has on your life. Become a non-smoker and save hundreds of dollars a year. EFT scripts release the cravings and negative emotions that prevent you from quitting cigarettes.

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