Shipping Container Models for Model Train Layouts


The low-cost way to quickly and easily make your own amazingly realistic model buildings.



These 41 model shipping containers are fun and easy to build whether you are a serious model railroader, a war gamer, a model maker, a student, or a home hobbyist. You just download the plans that come to your computer in PDF format, print them out, glue them to a card (like a discarded muesli pack), and assemble them. EASY!

What are the model shipping containers offered by Shipping Container Models?
The site offers 41 scale model shipping containers that are easy to build for model railroaders, war gamers, model makers, students, or home hobbyists. These models are photo-realistic, based on real-life photos of intermodal shipping containers, featuring signs of rust, dents, and graffiti.

How do I build these model shipping containers?
You can build these containers by downloading the plans in PDF format, printing them out, gluing them to card material like a discarded muesli pack, and assembling them. The process is designed to be simple and straightforward.

Can I reprint the container designs?
Yes, after downloading the containers, you are allowed to print out as many copies of each container as you want for your personal use, without needing to buy an extra download. However, the designs are copyrighted, so selling, trading, or giving them away is illegal.

What makes these model shipping containers realistic?
The realism of these containers comes from their design, which is based on true real-life photos. This includes genuine signs of rust, dents, and graffiti. If you prefer a cleaner look, you can simply turn the containers to show a side without graffiti or print out another side section.

What is the return policy for these model shipping container plans?
All the scale model PDF files come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, providing assurance and confidence in your purchase.

What sizes of shipping containers are most common, and how are they used?
The most common sizes are 20-foot and 40-foot containers, used for general cargo. These containers are manufactured from steel to standard ISO specifications for consistency and easy stacking. Specific-purpose containers are also available for special loads, including open-top shipping containers for bulky cargo and insulated containers (reefers) for perishable goods.

Can these model shipping containers be used for home construction or commercial purposes?
In real life, dry cargo containers have become popular for home construction and other commercial purposes. The website provides plans for scale models that can be used for transporting on model trains or as realistic props on scale model railroads and dioramas, but the concept of using actual shipping containers for buildings is also mentioned as a cost-effective and quick construction method.

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