Painless & Positive Puppy Training Manual


Breakthrough system in personal puppy training has owners of even the most stubborn puppies raving. Learn the quickest and easiest way to train your stubborn puppies.



The Painless & Positive Puppy Training Manual, authored by Jill Rose from Athens, GA, presents a breakthrough system for personal puppy training, addressing common issues faced by puppy owners. It promises a humane, simpler, faster, and highly effective training method that transforms stubborn puppies into well-mannered family members.

Puppy Training Guide

About the Guide:

  • Author: Jill Rose, who shares her personal journey and the challenges she faced with her own puppy, Rocky. Her experience led her to discover and implement positive reinforcement training, which became the foundation of her training system.
  • Content: The guide focuses on a positive training system that rewards good behavior rather than punishing bad behavior. It covers a wide range of topics, from basic potty training to more complex issues like aggression, barking, and socialization. The guide aims to correct common puppy-training mistakes and provides a step-by-step approach to raising a well-behaved puppy.
  • Who is it for?: This guide is for puppy owners dealing with stubborn or challenging behaviors, as well as those who wish to start their puppy’s training on the right foot. It’s particularly useful for owners looking for a humane and effective training method that strengthens the bond between them and their puppies.

The Painless & Positive Puppy Training Manual promises to offer an accessible, effective training method that can lead to significant improvements in puppy behavior within a short period, making it an essential tool for new and experienced puppy owners alike.

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