Model Trains Beginners Blueprint


You can have your own amazingly realistic, incredibly well-detailed, and reliably operating model train layout



The Model Trains Beginners Blueprint series includes 6 e-books, each SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND and QUICK & EASY TO DOWNLOAD in PDF format. You’ll learn proven techniques and solutions to make difficult tasks easy, such as choosing the right scale, making realistic trees and grassed meadows, and properly laying track.

What can I achieve with the Model Trains Beginners Blueprint? You will discover expert techniques, tips, and secrets to design, build, repair, and maintain a realistic model railroad. Achieve a well detailed layout, where trains run reliably, save up to 72% off retail, fit your space, and stay within your budget.

How can I avoid common mistakes in model railroading? By accessing the right information and knowing how to solve and fix problems quickly and easily yourself, you can avoid common mistakes and frustrating problems. The Beginners Blueprint series provides step-by-step techniques and solutions.

Can I really create my own model railroad layout? Yes, you can create your own model railroad layout. The Beginners Blueprint can help you make the right decisions to create your layout in the correct sequence, from planning to constructing natural-looking scenery and operating your trains.

How can I ensure my trains run smoothly and avoid derailments? The key is understanding track ballasting, the major causes of erratic train operation, and how to properly fix and maintain your track. The Beginners Blueprint series offers guidance on how to lay and fix track ballasting for reliable operation and a realistic effect.

What are some cost-effective ways to create realistic scenery? Learn five low-cost and no-cost methods for making real-looking shrubs and trees, including step-by-step tree profile drawings. Also, discover tips for creating realistic grassed meadows and mountain landscapes, which are covered in the Beginners Blueprint series.

Model Train Bonuses

How can I save on model trains and accessories? The guide provides tips on how to save up to 72% off the retail price of model trains and accessories by making informed purchasing decisions and knowing where to find the best deals and free resources.

What are the common pitfalls in model railroading and how can I avoid them? Identify and learn how to avoid the critical mistakes and biggest difficulties in building a layout, such as overcomplicating the design or underestimating the importance of reliable track laying. The Beginners Blueprint series offers insights into preventing these pitfalls.

Is it possible to fit a model train layout within a limited space and budget? Yes, with the right planning and resources, you can design a layout that fits within your available space and budget. The series provides strategies for selecting and constructing the perfect layout, tailored to your space availability and financial constraints.

What support is available after I start my model railroad project? After progressing from the beginner stage, you can expand your layout with more advanced techniques and skills. The package provides value for money and is designed to save you time, money, and frustration. You’ll also have access to an online model train club for ongoing support.

What is included in the Beginners Blueprint series package? The package includes the Beginners Blueprint series ($67.00 value) with 6 FREE BONUS GIFTS valued at $211.95, including FREE instant access to the Online Model Train Club for ONE month, for just $37. After that, you will be charged $27/month until you cancel.

What are the benefits of joining the Online Model Train Club? Membership offers private access to an extensive library of resources, including tutorials, planning and design ideas, and a supportive community. It’s designed to help both beginners and experienced hobbyists expand their knowledge and enjoy the hobby more fully.

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