Marketing for Hair Salons


How To Multiply Your Salon Profits… And Stop Your Bored Stylists From Walking Out And Working For Your Competition Across The Street.



Do you find your salon is falling behind the competition and your profits are taking a battering? Look at the following “Golden rules” as something that can keep you on course and heading in an advantageous direction. But remember, you’ll want to be flexible and prepared to deviate from the path occasionally to move with the times.

Golden Rules exist to guide you, to be followed, to be used. It makes little difference what business you are in or what challenges you face. Just find the applicable Golden Rule, follow it and do not be afraid to be a little bit quirky and creative along the way to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are 5 of the most useful Golden Rules that apply to the best marketing for hair salons.

Golden Rule # 1: Do Not Waste Time or Money On Expensive Advertising

The thinking behind doing this is to use your profits to advertise locally, where the majority of your clients are based. Remember, traditional advertising is not as effective today, so don’t take risks!

Golden Rule # 2: Customers Are Looking For An Ego Experience

This is really important because they want to feel great when they walk out the door as well as looking good. Take into account that if you don’t deliver the first time they are unlikely to come back for seconds.

Golden Rule # 3: Offer Something Your Competition Can’t

This is certainly advisable because it makes your salon worth visiting. The more unique you are, the more you will stand out – and this doesn’t have to break the budget!

Golden Rule # 4: Pricing

Sales and discounts are not the answer to increasing profits long term and may make your salon look down-market and desperate. Marketing for hair salons should include promotions and events. If cost cutting is required, protect your profits and staff wages and take a look at your supplies.

Golden Rule # 5: Losses

Ways to control this step include dropping a product or a service that is not pulling its weight. Concentrate on the largest profit areas. It is ok to break-even but regular losses you can’t afford. Check the figures and don’t be emotionally attached or sentimental; just ditch whatever or whoever is performing badly.

You’ll find life easier for you, less sleepless nights, your progress speedier plus your successes more pronounced and frequent whenever you follow these golden rules to marketing for hair salons.

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