Government Auctions


A Comprehensive Database Listing Thousands Of Live and Online Government Auctions By The State and Territory.



Government Auctions is the authoritative guide to government auctions and foreclosures. It’s the only website you will ever need to find government auctions near you, foreclosure and pre-foreclosure information, and fully searchable information on auction items.

The comprehensive database lists thousands of live and online government auctions in the U.S. and Canada by state/territory. Buy all types of seized and surplus items for rock-bottom prices. Real estate, autos, electronics, jewelry, art, antiques, and more.

If you’ve been looking for government auction information, you know that it is crucial to know when and where an auction will be held as soon as possible. This website gives you access to an unparalleled database of information to make your fortune, buy your dream house or car, or just find that item you’ve been searching for.