Forbidden Fitness Secrets of A Modern Day Ninja Warrior


Forbidden fitness secrets used by legendary Japanese shadow warriors reinforce your joints, ligaments, and tendons with an almost supernatural breaking point.




Forbidden Fitness Secrets is a set of unique fitness techniques used by legendary Japanese “Shadow Warriors” or Ninja, designed to reinforce joints, ligaments, and tendons to achieve an almost supernatural breaking point. These secrets enable even those who are stiff, immobile, and out of shape to become ‘near-invincible’ in the gym and beyond.

Who can benefit from these secrets? Anyone of any age looking to enhance their physical performance, prevent injuries, and improve their overall fitness can benefit from these secrets. They are especially useful for those interested in increasing the intrinsic strength of their body’s soft tissues, including joints, tendons, and ligaments.

What is intrinsic strength? Intrinsic strength refers to a special kind of strength that involves reinforcing the body’s joints, ligaments, tendons, bones, and muscles with what can be described as elastic steel. It’s a key factor in enhancing an object’s breaking point and is considered the “Invincibility Factor” in physical performance.

Who is Ryan Murdock? Ryan Murdock is an expert in the realm of true Ninja and their brand of intrinsic strength training. He is an anthropologist, travel writer, and leader of one of the top health information publishers on the web. Murdock has spent decades training and researching to master and teach the forbidden fitness secrets.

How do Forbidden Fitness Secrets work? The program works by initially restoring full, healthy motion in joints through targeted regeneration exercises. It then transitions to building intrinsic strength by adding weight in a very specific manner. Finally, it involves strengthening joints, tendons, and ligaments in odd ranges with exercises that most people have never seen before.

What results can one expect from practicing these secrets? Practitioners can expect to feel their inner “shadow warrior” emerging, with improvements in balance, coordination, and smoothness of movement. They will also experience enhanced muscle and joint capability, allowing them to “shrug off” tension and stiffness easily, and access hidden pockets of elastic energy for explosive power.

Are any special tools or backgrounds needed to practice these secrets? No special tools, backgrounds, or formal training is required. The exercises can be performed using one’s body weight and occasionally a kitchen broomstick for some movements. This makes the program accessible to anyone interested in improving their physical capabilities.


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