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Protect your digital content from illegal uploads with the best protection software on the market.



Protect Your Digital Products from Illegal Uploads!

Have you ever spent months writing an e-book or creating a video training? Have you spent all of your time and effort producing value and launching the ideal product? Then, when you’d finished and made it accessible, you were astonished to discover that your product had been posted to the internet, but not by you?

Your e-book or training was already in the search results, in a freely available, unauthorized and illegal form, when you typed the name of your product in a search engine. Furthermore, it had a significantly better search engine ranking than your website. You knew that now, everyone would be able to download it for free.

Shocked, you try to convince yourself that you’ve already made enough money from this product. But, as you are well aware, this is not the case! Your product had a lot more potential and a lot more money to be made, but now you are unable to capitalize on it!

You can finally put a stop to this! Forget about losing a single dime because of these illegal uploads!  Use “E-Book Protection Pro,” a multiplatform, user-friendly e-book protection program. You can generate your digital material in the same manner, and the user will be able to open it as a PDF.

As an added benefit, if someone requests their money back, you can disable their access to your product with just 1 click.

Only “E-Book Protection Pro” gives your digital product, whether it’s an e-book or a video training, TOTAL PROTECTION.

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