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Discover How to Cure Your Insomnia in 6 Simple Steps and Start Sleeping for 8 hours in just 3 days.


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Using the Six Steps methodology and audio accompaniments, you can naturally evolve from insomniac to sleep lover. And since its inception, the Six Steps has become the cure for over one hundred thousand others, too.

What is Six Steps to Sleep? Six Steps to Sleep is a program designed to cure insomnia naturally in just six steps and three days, drawing from the author’s personal journey and extensive research into sleep hygiene, lifestyle adjustments, and the impact of the environment on sleep quality.

How does the program work? The program works by reprogramming the body and mind to establish a healthy sleep-wake cycle through good sleep hygiene practices. It also incorporates special meditation music to help relax the mind and prepare it for sleep, and offers a diet plan to optimize dietary habits for better sleep.

What inspired the creation of the Six Steps to Sleep program? The program was inspired by the author’s 15-year struggle with insomnia and a transformative encounter with a Sleep Hygiene Therapist. This experience, combined with extensive research and trial and error, led to the development of the Six Steps as a natural solution to insomnia.

How does brainwave entrainment enhance the Six Steps program? Brainwave entrainment, using binaural beats meditation music, is utilized to slow down brainwave activity to relax the mind and promote deep sleep. This technique is based on the principle that the brain can be trained to enter specific frequency ranges conducive to relaxation and sleep.

What benefits have users reported from the Six Steps program? Users have reported numerous benefits, including the ability to fall asleep quickly, stop their mind from racing at bedtime, reduce anxiety around sleep, and maintain sleep for 7+ hours without waking. The program has helped over one hundred thousand people improve their sleep quality.

How are the special audios used in the program? The program includes meditation audios designed to combat insomnia through delta and theta wave entrainment. Users simply listen to these audios with headphones to relax and prepare their mind for sleep, following the guide provided for optimal use.

What additional resources are included in the Six Steps program? In addition to the core program, users receive two bonus items: the Smart Sleep Diet Guide, with dietary advice and meal plans for better sleep, and the Weekly Sleep Planner, a chart for tracking sleep progress and adherence to the program.

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