Cosmic Energy Profile


Personalized insights based on the Mayan calendar, offer a unique perspective on your personality, future, and Mayan Zodiac sign, through a modern adaptation of ancient wisdom.




Cosmic Energy Profile offers insights into your personality and future based on the Mayan calendar. It provides a unique Prophecy Reading by interpreting your birthday with ancient Mayan astrology, offering a more detailed and accurate profile than Western or Chinese Zodiac signs.

How does Cosmic Energy Profile work?
The service uses the Mayan calendar’s wisdom, adapted for modern times through a system called “Dreamspell.” It aligns ancient wisdom and star cycles with today’s challenges, producing your personal Cosmic Energy Profile.

What can I learn from my Cosmic Energy Profile?
Your profile reveals your Mayan Zodiac Sign, including aspects like your secret abilities, personal challenges, and future opportunities. It covers various life aspects, such as essence, power, and personal attributes associated with your sign.

Is the Cosmic Energy Profile free?
Yes, initiating your Cosmic Energy Profile is free. By entering your birthday on the website, you can discover your hidden Mayan Zodiac sign and receive a basic Cosmic Energy Profile without charge.

Why is the Mayan Zodiac important?
Unlike Western or Chinese zodiacs based on planetary movements, the Mayan Zodiac is based on the universe’s energetic rhythms. This offers a different and more complete perspective on your identity and life path.

How is the Mayan Calendar used today?
The Mayan Calendar has been updated for modern life challenges through the “Dreamspell” system. It provides predictions and insights relevant to contemporary issues, using a blend of ancient wisdom and modern technology.

Who are Liz & Ric Thompson?
Liz and Ric Thompson are the founders of They offer the Cosmic Energy Profile service to help individuals uncover their true Mayan Zodiac signs and gain insights into their personalities and futures.

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