Cell Phone Resale


Learn how you can make money buying and selling used cell phones!


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Are you making money with your cell phone?

If not, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Did you know iPhone 4′ s are selling in-store for $199 and on eBay for around $500? Did you know that an old drawer of cell phones collecting dust is worth a LOT more than you think? Have you considered why small businesses are popping up everywhere with promotions to buy your old, seemingly obsolete cell phone?

See, cell phones are the most popular consumer electronics in the world and there’s tons of money to be made with them. This site offers a free 50-page e-book on how to start making money with cell phones today! Check it out – don’t miss out on this opportunity!

What is CellPhoneResale? CellPhoneResale is a guide that teaches individuals how to make money by buying and selling cell phones.

What does the guide include? The guide includes a 50-page eBook, a 10-video series, and 60 days of customer support.

Is there a cost to start? No, the business model requires no start-up costs, storefront, or prior knowledge.

How much time is needed daily? Approximately 30 minutes a day.

What kind of support is offered? The guide provides 60 days of customer support through email to answer any questions and help get started.

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