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CB Passive Income 5.0 is one of the easiest ways to start making passive income online promoting ClickBank products, it works great for both newbies & advanced internet marketers. Plus, it will save you a lot of time and effort.

CB Passive Income 5.0 was created by world-class Internet marketer Patric Chan. After dedicating 6 years of resources and time to help over 2,892 documented customers to make money online, his mission of helping thousands to achieve their goals has been accomplished.

In order to understand how CB Passive Income system works, I must explain first how most affiliate marketers make real money online.

CB Passive Income

How Affiliate Marketers Make Money Online:

Usually, in order to make money online and build a long term business, most affiliate marketers build an email list and focus all their product promotions on their email list subscribers. In order to build a mailing list and collect leads you have to be familiar with the following topics:

1. Squeeze Page

This page is purposely built to capture the email addresses of visitors interested in your service or product. Normally, this is done by excluding all forms of distractions, such as: links, sidebars, buttons, footer section…etc.

And by offering a valuable giveaway (a free e-book, a tutorial video, etc…) that someone will only receive after they have given their email address, and sometimes their first and last name, away.

Unfortunately, building a highly converting squeeze page is not easy for every one! For this reason, most affiliate marketers need to purchase services like Click-funnels or Lead-Pages in order to build a highly effective squeeze page.

2. Email Followup Series:

You, as an affiliate marketer, must have an auto-responder ready to store subscribers leads, for instance: Aweber and Getresponse email marketing services.

These services will let you save leads and send e-mail followups o your subscribers.

The emails also must be carefully written so your subscribers will open them, read them, and more importantly, purchase your promoted offers.

3. Choosing The Right Offer

After all, you must choose the right affiliate offers to promote to your subscribers. Otherwise, your subscribers won’t buy from you and thus won’t make you any money.

As you may see this process involves a lot of work to pull it off successfully!


Imagine that you wouldn’t need to have any marketing skills in order to make money online, you do not need any experience in building a squeeze page, an email list, even you do not need to choose the right offers to promote.

Instead, Imagine you already have all of this done for you with CB Passive Income

Why CB Passive Income?

When you join the CB Passive Income system, you will get access to ready and high converting squeeze pages, and their respective email followup series, ready for you to send to your new subscribers.

All you need to do is send traffic to these squeeze pages. Afterward, the subscribers are taken through an email sequence. Whenever the subscriber purchases a product promoted in one of those emails, you’ll EARN a commission.

Read that again – all you need to do is send traffic to these squeeze pages. If you are worried about how to get traffic to your pages, don’t worry! You will find all the necessary information inside of their platform.

What If I want to use my own Autoresponder service

After you purchase CB Passive Income system, you are taken through a funnel where you will find this up-sell:

Inbox Pro Version

This up-sell allows you build your own email list using your own autoresponder system, not inside CB Passive Income. This means that you’ll have your own list even if you leave CB Passive Income.

I highly recommend this up-sell.


If you want to start making money online or simply build an extra source of income but do not have the essential marketing skills, then CB Passive Income is best solution, especially for beginners.

In this following review video, you are going to learn how you can easily make money online with CB Passive Income system.

To try the system today risk-free please click the link below… And don’t forget: your investment is covered with a solid 30 days money-back guarantee, you can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied.

Thank you so much for watching the CB Passive Income Review video.

I hope that you now have a good idea about CB Passive Income and learned how it can make a great shortcut in making money online, even if you’re a total newbie.

When You Choose To Use The CB Passive Income License, You Will Get An Exact Clone Of A Proven, Successful Business With The Potential To Generate A Passive Income Through It.

But here’s what Patric has decided to do for you today:

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If you decide to take advantage of this excellent program, Patric has included an installment plan for those who might not have the full amount at one time. A great chance to earn enough to cover your 3 $99 payments using the CB Passive Income system.

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