Candle Making 4 You


Learn how to make wonderful smelling candles that put expensive candles sold in stores to shame.




Candle Making 4 You will teach you how to make candles cheaply at home. It doesn’t matter if you have no idea from where to start because you will be guided from the very basics to the most advanced and latest candle making techniques.

What is Candle Making 4 You?
Candle Making 4 You™ is a comprehensive system designed by Danica White to teach enthusiasts how to make a wide variety of candles, from beginners to advanced techniques, for fun or profit.

Who created Candle Making 4 You?
Danica White, an experienced candle maker who transformed her passion into a step-by-step guide for others to follow.

What can you learn from Candle Making 4 You?
You’ll learn to make different kinds of candles including tealight, beeswax, and container candles, master the secret of scented candles, create special massage and spa candles, and understand the therapeutic benefits of candles using aromatherapy principles.

Do you need expensive equipment or materials?
No, Candle Making 4 You™ emphasizes that you don’t need specialized or expensive equipment or materials to start making candles.

Can Candle Making 4 You help start a candle-making business?
Yes, it includes guidance on starting a small candle-making business, covering everything from keeping costs down, maximizing profits, production, packaging, selling, and promoting your business.

What bonuses are included with Candle Making 4 You?
Bonuses include guides on selling candles on eBay, selling at crafts fairs, making hand-dipped incense sticks & cones, soap making, perfume making, and an introduction to aromatherapy.

What is the price of Candle Making 4 You?
The system, along with all the bonuses, is offered for a special price of $37.

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