Breakthroughs Mastery Course (BMC)


A powerful online business setup system to make money from the internet without confusion and overwhelm.



The Breakthroughs Mastery Course is an online business startup workshop designed to help individuals make real money online by setting up a powerful online business system without confusion and overwhelm.

Who can benefit from the Breakthroughs Mastery Course?
The course is suitable for all skill levels, offering a comprehensive curriculum that includes 4 modules and 36 lessons, all delivered through video training.

What will I learn in Module 1 of the Breakthroughs Mastery Course?
Module 1 focuses on preparation and essentials for a successful online business, covering topics such as principles of personal vision, the framework of a successful online business, affiliate marketing, and strategizing an influential campaign blueprint.

How does the course help in creating an effective sales funnel?
In Module 2, titled Hook Mastery, you’ll learn strategies and psychology behind creating an effective custom sales funnel, landing page secrets, and how to create your own custom video to connect the dots before launching your campaign.

What is covered in the Conversion Mastery module?
Module 3 delves into conversion mastery, teaching you about conversion tracking setup, creating custom domain tracking, split testing, and how to install Facebook conversion pixels and Google Analytics to your webpage.

Can the Breakthroughs Mastery Course teach me about traffic generation?
Yes, Module 4 is dedicated to Traffic Mastery, where you’ll learn about Facebook ad creation, avoiding Google Adwords account suspension, setting up and verifying remarketing tags, and the best methods for driving traffic through Facebook.

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