Belly Dancing Course


This ultimate masterclass is guaranteed to shorten the learning curve and make this the easiest, fastest belly dancing learning method.


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Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned dancer, you’ll get something out of this course. Learn new moves and combinations and add layers to your routine!

Belly Dancing Course is guaranteed to shorten the learning curve and make this the easiest, fastest, and MOST EFFECTIVE belly dancing class.

You’ll love it.

The entire program consists of over 50 videos with a total runtime of 8 hours. Learn the basic belly dance moves and then integrate them into combinations, safely and joyfully discovering your own dance.

What is BellyDancingCourse “The Ultimate Masterclass”?

BellyDancingCourse “The Ultimate Masterclass” is an online belly dancing course that offers over 50 step-by-step videos totaling 8 hours of instruction. It’s designed for anyone wanting to learn belly dancing from home, ranging from beginners to expert levels.

Who created BellyDancingCourse and who is it for?

The course was created by Mariella Monroe, a professional belly dancer and certified trainer. It’s suitable for both beginners and seasoned dancers looking to improve their belly dancing skills.

Belly Dance Course Media

What styles of belly dancing are covered in the course?

The course covers 5 different dance styles: American Cabaret, Egyptian Oriental, U.S. Tribal, Gothic & Tribal Fusion, and Turkish Didem.

What does the BellyDancingCourse package include?

The package includes over 50 videos with 8 hours of dancing moves, combinations, layers, and techniques, along with a selection of belly dance music and rhythms. It also offers different viewing angles for better learning.

What are the unique features of BellyDancingCourse?

Unique features include its comprehensive coverage of five distinct dance styles, teaching by three different expert teachers, an innovative fast-track method, and a selection of belly dance music. It’s designed to be enjoyable and easy to follow for both beginners and advanced dancers.

Is there any support offered with BellyDancingCourse?

Yes, the course offers one-on-one video chat/email support with Mariella Monroe, providing personalized guidance and support.

What are the benefits of learning belly dancing with this course?

Benefits include learning at your own pace from home, comprehensive and clear instructions, diverse dance style coverage, and the opportunity to gain grace and confidence in belly dancing.

Are there any bonuses included with BellyDancingCourse?

Yes, bonuses include additional videos on basic foundation drills, complex combinations and performances, dancing exercises for weight loss and fitness, sensual belly dancing videos, and a guide to costumes and accessories.

Belly Dancing Bonuses

What is the cost of BellyDancingCourse and is there a refund policy?

The course is priced at $47 with instant access to all materials. It also offers a 60-day full refund policy if you’re not satisfied with the course.

How can I access BellyDancingCourse?

The course is available for instant download and streaming access, with an option to receive videos on DVDs.

If you’re getting started with belly dancing or you’re looking to improve your technique, you’re gonna LOVE this course.

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