Adsense Pirate

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Learn how to make anywhere from $8 to $800 per month using Google AdSense.


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Learn how to make money while you make money – how Barry Hurst went from $8 a day to over $800 a month using Google Adsense.

What Adsense Pirate Isn’t:

  • Adsense Pirate isn’t a get rich quick plan. Barry says he is not rich and this eBook probably won’t make you rich either.
  • It is not a step by step plan in which at the end there is a giant pot of gold with your name written on it.
  • It is not written by anybody else. Barry says he has bought eBooks full of rehashed junk before and he would never stoop down to that level.

What Adsense Pirate Is:

  • Adsense Pirate is Barry’s personal findings with Adsense and what he did to get where he is today.
  • Adsense Pirate will provide you with the same tools Barry used in order to become successful with Adsense.
  • Every tip he has ever tried, from the biggest things to the smallest details, are included in Adsense Pirate.
  • Adsense Pirate is your ticket to boosting your Adsense income rapidly.

Includes tips, tools, & techniques that you can use to boost your Adsense earnings.

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