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How to quickly activate your body’s natural relaxation response.


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How to quickly activate your body’s natural relaxation response. Stress less, sleep better, and feel abundantly happier…Without drugs or anything crazy.

What is Seven Minute Mindfulness?
Seven Minute Mindfulness offers a simple way to deeply unwind and connect with your inner power through seven-minute mindfulness audios, which combine guided meditation and ultra-relaxation music. It’s designed to help release stress from the body and mind, so you can flourish.

Who created Seven Minute Mindfulness?
Greg Thurston, who explored the mind-body connection for over 15 years to improve his own wellbeing, including sleep, mental performance, and overall enjoyment of life, created Seven Minute Mindfulness.

What are the benefits of Seven Minute Mindfulness?
The program helps to release tension and stress, unleash creativity, manage negative thoughts, boost mental performance, nurture strong relationships, and contribute more effectively to the world.

What does the Seven Minute Mindfulness program include?
It includes 10 mindfulness audio sessions, a 181-page Seven Minute Mindfulness Guidebook that explores mindfulness in plain English, and “Your Little Book Of Mindfulness Exercises” for daily practice.

How does Seven Minute Mindfulness work?
The mindfulness audio sessions guide you away from the day’s thought processes, releasing tension from your muscles and thoughts from your mind. It aims to train the body to be more relaxed and the mind to be more mindful.

Can Seven Minute Mindfulness improve sleep?
Yes, it includes a Delta Sleep Track designed to release you from the day’s thoughts and sink you into a deep, relaxing sleep.

What are people saying about Seven Minute Mindfulness?
Users report significant reductions in stress, improvements in mood, enhanced relaxation and calmness, better sleep quality, and increased mindfulness in daily life.

How can I get Seven Minute Mindfulness?
The program offers lifetime online access to its mindfulness tracks and training program, with an option for physical CDs and books as well.

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