Pole Dancing Course


Learn how to pole dance from home with Amber Starr’s pole dancing course. Instant access to over 100 video lessons, 6 hours of one-on-one coaching with Amber’s ultimate pole dancing course… Dance your way to health and fitness from home.



If you’ve always wanted to learn pole dancing but for some reason, you never took the plunge, here’s a great opportunity to get started.

Amber’s Pole Dancing Course is *By FAR* the most complete pole dancing class on the Internet.

Here’s an overview:

Over 100 videos lessons, 6 hours of classes
Covers all moves from beginner to advanced
One-on-One private coaching by Skype
Easy, fun and step-by-step instructions
3 dance styles including fitness and aerobic
Multiple viewing angles, full body and up-close views
High quality, award-winning production
Online streaming, downloads and DVDs

That’s pretty impressive for an online class…

Whether you’re getting started with pole dancing or you’re looking to improve your technique, you’re gonna LOVE this course.

Go take a look at it yourself!

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