Open G Guitar For Beginners


Even total beginners can start to play the guitar within just a few minutes and play along to songs instantly.



Video training course – play guitar chords with just 1 finger! Open G Guitar. Learn to play the guitar the easy way. Play the guitar with one finger, within minutes you can play.

  • Experience the power of the “open G tuned guitar” – a method used by rock stars such as Mark Knopfler and Keith Richards on some of their biggest hits ever.
  • Learn how to tune your guitar to “Open G” tuning – this will take a few minutes. Then you will learn how to play guitar with with just ONE FINGER, and be able to play along to songs in a matter of minutes.
  • In easy steps, learn how to play more chords, riffs, sounds, rhythms and strumming patterns, and also picking patterns – that way, ANYONE can very quickly play easy strumming, rock n roll, blues rock, country riffs and more.

It's like sitting down with a good friend, and learning to play songs, in a fun and easy, together.

The complete package includes:

  • Lifetime access to almost 6 hours of video with download possibility, over a dozen playback tracks as MP3 files to play along to, and easy chord charts.
  • A full tutorial on how to play HONKYTONK WOMEN by the Rolling Stones – and you will be able to play this song the way Keith Richards plays it on Open G guitar! Using this video course, ANYONE can learn how to play this within just a couple of weeks or so, or even less.
  • In the final part of this video course, we will COMPOSE A NEW SIMPLE SONG, to demonstrate how EASY it is to use this Open G method in order to create music!
  • Playback MP3 files, chord charts – everything is included.
  • Works with all devices – tested on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones/

Many styles of music can be played in Open G – blues, folk, even rock, hard rock, Texas rock, country and more.

  • Suitable for total beginners or guitar players with experience on the regular “standard E tuning” – ANYONE can now start playing the easy way.
  • The videos can be accessed directly on our pages, no other software necessary.
  • The MP3 files can be downloaded and used on any device that plays MP3 (iPod, smart phones, tablets, computers etc.)
  • Videos can be streamed or downloaded.

From the course seller:

Having FUN while learning how to play the guitar the easy way is very important. You can contact me and ask questions and I will work with you in order to compose a song, help you advance with the course and develop your skills.
I have about 40 years of experience in teaching guitar skills and composing songs. I offer the best support possible in order to give the clients a great experience.

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