Kay Peterson’s Home Cooking


350 recipes for busy people. Entrees, salads, desserts, and goodies.



Do you find cooking boring, time-consuming and uninspiring?

Instead of preparing tasty, complete meals on your own, do you reach for a takeout menu and order expensive, unhealthy food, day in and day out?

What you need is a good cookbook full of recipes that will give you the motivation to cook and quit eating junk food.

Kay Peterson's “Home Cooking” eBook has you covered!

This recipe book has over 350 simple recipes with step-by-step instructions for delicious meals that you can make really easily, using the ingredients you can find in just about any store.

More than half of the recipes in this cookbook are from her recipe box. Every recipe has step-by-step instructions. They are smart and simple to prepare. The ingredients are easily found. Even for the recipes with an Asian flair.

This cookbook could be all you need to discover your inner chef!