Fresh Breathies by Pup Labs


Fresh Breathies is an all-natural dental dog chew that helps eradicate bad dog breath, and improve their overall health!



Fresh Breathies is an all natural dental dog chew that helps eliminate bad doggy breath by getting to the root cause – digestive dysfunction. By rebalancing your dog’s gut microbiome, Fresh Breathies protects their health from the devastating effects of digestive dysfunction while also eliminating their bad breath – without brushing their teeth or adding chemicals to their water.

The five all-natural ingredients found in Fresh Breathies have been shown to maintain a healthy balance in your dog’s gut microbiota and a balanced inflammatory response. Cleaner breath, less body odor and flatulence, firmer stools, less scratching and itching, more comfortable joints, and more energy are the effects of these ingredients. All included in a single smooth chew with a chicken taste that dogs love.

Fresh Breathies No Wheat, No Corn

Fresh Breathie’s Ingredients

The harmonious action of all 5 nutrients help restore the health of your aging dog, safely and healthily .

  • The key component that supports a healthy gut flora, a good inflammatory response, and a healthy heart is the champignon mushroom.
  • Yucca Schidigera Extract: Ditch those unpleasant dog odors. This vitamin lessens feces, body, and foul breath smells. Additionally, it enhances stomach absorption of minerals.
  • Spirulina: The immune system is strengthened by this strong antioxidant. Additionally, it promotes heart and intestinal health.
  • Parsley is another another potent food that supports healthy joints and strong bones.
  • One of nature’s best-kept secrets for dental and cardiovascular health is cinnamon.

Clinical studies from eminent scientists in the US, Japan, and Australia support each component of Fresh Breathies.

Improvements You Will See

The first things to improve for many dogs are their breath and energy. Often after only a week. You can expect a firmer feces, a thicker and shinier coat, and less scratching and itching after a few more weeks of usage. After six months of consistent usage, the best, long-lasting outcomes seem to be permanent.

Fresh Breathie Pricing

Just think! There won’t be as much mess for you to clean up in the yard since Fresh Breathies encourages a healthy microbiota and digestion! And your dog’s kisses won’t cause you to recoil from the smell of his breath! The best thing, according to several customers, is that Fresh Breathies helped keep their pets in excellent condition. No matter its age, your dog will be happier, healthier, and more active for you!

Don’t forget that everyday consistency is the key!

Fresh Breathies are safe to use, but before using them in your dog’s food regimen, especially if they are on any medications, be sure to check with your veterinarian or other health professional.

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