Alkaline Gourmet Package – Cookbooks and Recipes


The Alkaline Gourmet Package is the perfect digital set of cookbooks that show you how to cook up healthy, yummy and alkalizing meals.



Do you find yourself at your wit's end for wasting your money, time, and health on diets and weight loss products that never seem to work? Are you looking for a healthy, nutritious eating regime that will not only help you control your waistline, but also prevent diseases and boost your immune system?

Look no further!

The Alkaline Gourmet Package contains four extensive digital recipe books chock full of tasty, balanced, and easy-to-make dishes that will supercharge your alkalinity, leaving you fit and energized without breaking a sweat!

With a full 14-day meal plan, dozens of recipes for everything from hearty salads to divine smoothies, and even three bonus cookbooks if you order today, this culinary collection truly has it all – and it could very well be the last one you'll ever need!

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